The Aftermovie in my head

So the story about my tattoo…

Well, that’s for another time. I want to share that story in the best way I can. So… later… 🙂

I would like to share my thoughts on something else today. Something probably many of us experience, but don’t always feel the need to share.

But since this is my blog, I’ll just do whatever the hell I want.

You know those movies that really get to you? Like the credits come on and you’re like…. whoa… Right in the feels. You feel like you have figured it all out, that you have everything you need to conquer the world, or that you finally got to that insight that you needed so desperately.

I’m one of those people. And it does not need to be one of ‘those’ movies. It can be any movie.

Call it naivety, but I still like to believe in what they show in movies. I still want to believe that love at first sight exists like ‘Romeo and Juliet’, or that there are still a lot of good people out there in this rotten world who don’t judge anyone on how they look, like ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’; or that even when you think you’re worthless, you are still capable of achieving amazing things like in ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’.
Hell, I will even believe in magic. Damn you, Nanny McPhee.

Is it wrong to want to believe in the things they show in movies? Is it wrong to want the same things? I refuse to believe the opposite, because when we get to that point that we stop believing or stop dreaming for the things we want, the things show to us in those movies, then what are we still living for?

So f*ck it, I’ll get there. In my own way, in my own time.


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